Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EPRON?

 E-waste Producer Responsibility Organization of Nigeria ( EPRON) was set up by the Nigerian Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) industry to help EEE Producers to collectively manage their individual responsibilities in relation to the EPR performance objectives. EPRON’s role is to provide a level playing field for all Producers as well as provide a platform for engaging all sectors in an open market (formal and informal recyclers, collectors, etc), while ensuring that e-waste is managed in an environmentally sound manner in Nigeria.

What do we do?


  • Understand and appreciate the e-waste management infrastructure and legislation in the country;
  • Act as the interface between NESREA and other key sector players in the programme;
  • Ensure compliance with the rules and guidelines established by NESREA;
  • Provide expert advisory services to the Producers/Collectors /Recyclers, particularly in the areas of site selection, infrastructure development,  and marketing;
  • Ensure that appropriate standards are maintained in all operations in line with extant Laws and Regulations;
  • Register Producers and products;
  • Develop a data base for Producers and products;
  • Collect annual registration fees from Producers;
  • Maintain Memorandum of Understanding with NESREA and all key sector players in the programme;
  • Keep record of accredited/certified Collection Centres and Recyclers;
  • Liaise with Producers/Collectors/Recycler
  • Collect fees from Producers based on tonnage of waste stream;
  •  Pay Recyclers; and Collectors;
  • Submit quarterly report on the selected EPR Products/Waste stream collected and recycled to NESREA,
  • Source for adequate funds for the effective implementation of the EPR Programme;
  • Establish appropriate fee-charging structure, including registration and other related administrative fees;
  • Finance recycling of problematic fractions of selected e-waste ;
  • Create public awareness on sound handling of e-waste.

Who is a Producer?

Entity or importer of record that places the new or used EEE on the Nigerian market at first invoice of sale, which can be the local manufacturer, OEM, franchisee, assembler, distributor or retailer.

What is the registration fee?

Registration fee of N50,000 for Producers of new EEE

Registration fee of N25,000 for Producers of used EEE

What is the goal of the registration?

To get all Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Producers in Nigeria enumerated in an electronic registry. This will create a base to identify all producers and ensure that that everyone takes responsibility for the end of life of the electrical and electronic equipment put in the Nigerian market space.

Is subscription to EPRON compulsory for all Producers?

Regulation 11 (1)-(4) of the National Environmental (Electrical/Electronic Sector) Regulations, 2011, specifies that all “producers” of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) must subscribe mandatorily to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Program/ Approved Plan.

Why register with EPRON?

Subscription to the EEE Sector EPR programme, will enhance your organization’s  competitive advantage due to the reasons enumerated below.

  • Assured regulatory compliance.
  • Access to e-waste collection network.
  • Access to accredited recyclers.
  • Assured responsible e-waste collection and management.
  • Avoidance of Sanctions.
  • Brand Recognition and Awareness on EPRON Website and other media platforms.
  • Connection to a transparent established collection and accounting system.
  • Compliance certificate from EPRON.
  • Guaranteed structured e-waste value chain.
  • Improved brand reputation.
  • In the long run contribution to improved material efficiency and improved product quality.
  • reduced risk exposure associated with quack recycling.
  • Opportunity to get Green Awards from EPRON and regulatory organizations.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the creation of green jobs.
  • Product Validation.
  • Promotional Incentives from OEMs.

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